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“I became acquainted with the Wenatex company in September 2006. When I saw the sleep system for the first time and was allowed to try out the mattress, I was immediately convinced. This system is really awesome. I’m absolutely delighted to be able to work as a sleep consultant. I receive appointments when I need them and I always have a contact person – no matter whether it’s the regional manager or the employees at the headquarters in Salzburg. To me, Wenatex is the epitome of “perfection”. Everything runs like clockwork and the commission is always paid punctually. The important thing for me is that I don’t sell people a mere commodity, but ‘healthy sleep’. After working here for five years, I can only say: I’m really happy that I decided to work for Wenatex.”

Johanna, 66 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Lower Saxony


“Starting to work for Wenatex as a sleep consultant was like ticking 6 right boxes on the lotto. It’s totally fulfilling and I find it more enjoyable with each day to have the pleasure of presenting these great products. I noticed quickly that this is exactly the job that I want to do. Another great thing about the job is that age doesn’t play a part. I’m looking forward to the next ten years.”

Günther, 69 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Schleswig-Holstein


“I am deeply grateful to a friend of many years for recommending this great company to me exactly 18 months ago. When I discovered exactly what kind of products Wenatex produces and what the occupation of an account manager entails, I though to myself: “Wow, where have you been the past few years?” I carry out my job as an account manager with a passion. While performing my daily work, I meet lots of new and interesting people and experience great pleasure in the satisfied smiles that I help to put on their faces. And when things aren’t going to well for me, the customer satisfaction that I experience never fails to remind me what a diamond mine I landed in! Once Wenatex, always Wenatex! Wenatex is the perfect company for people who want to work independently.”

Saif, 39 years of age, Account Manager in Lower Austria


“I’ve worked for Wenatex as a sleep consultant for almost five years now. This job is just perfect for me. The potential earnings are excellent. I can think of anything else that I would enjoy as much. In addition, whenever I need it I receive excellent support from the company management and, of course, from the friendly colleagues, who are always willing to offer a few constructive words when one needs them. Everything is just right. The company supports us and our customers. Wenatex has enabled me to realise the quality of life that I have dreamt about all my life.”

Gerlinde, 57 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Upper Austria


“Wenatex is an absolute stroke of luck for me. Due to the fact that I don't necessarily have to work during the day, I can be there to experience my son growing and then work in the evenings. The potential earnings are really amazing, but it’s also a great feeling to earn money while doing something good for others. The product is simply sensational and I’m overjoyed to work here.”

Stefan, 50 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Schleswig-Holstein


“Wenatex turned out to be a really lucky break for me. The job was exactly what I was looking for: a steady job, the opportunity to meet and deal with lots of interesting people, training and advanced training possibilities. My work is diversified, exciting, lots of fun and presents new challenges every day. What I also found – and that is a very important factor for me – is great colleagues, who warmly welcomed me to the team, and superiors who always have an open ear for me. Wenatex is a company in which work is actually a real pleasure.”

Anette, 57 years of age, Call Center Agent in Hannover


“When I saw the Wenatex job advertisement in summer 2007, in which an independent account manager was wanted, it was almost as if the ad was addressed directly to me. I was enthusiastic right from the word go and still feel the same today. It’s exciting and interesting meeting all kinds of people each day and to be able to talk to them without feeling the pressure of time. In the evening, when I review all the nice meeting and conversations that I had and know that I have also made a significant contribution toward the success of the company, I feel a great sense of fulfilment. Everything is just right at Wenatex, and people are highly valued, which can be ascertained by the enthusiasm demonstrated by my customers. It’s a great experience when customers say to me after a consultation: “Wenatex is always welcome.” Going to work each day is simply a pleasure. I have never regretted my decision, not even for a second, and I look forward to the many pleasurable years of employment to come.”

Ulrich, 52 years of age, Account Manager in Bavaria


“I have worked for Wenatex since 2007. It soon became apparent that this is the highlight of my professional life so far. Working as an account manager is an absolute pleasure. The fascinating customer talks and the familiar atmosphere, which permeates the whole company, quickly gave me the secure feeling that I had made the right decision. Good performance should be respectively appreciated: Wenatex is also exemplary in this regard. The mutual appreciation is a significant factor that makes the company most congenial, a factor that is also highly appreciated by the customers and becomes apparent when customers speak enthusiastically about Wenatex and the amazing products during customer talks.”

Stephan, 48 years of age, Region Manager and Account Manager in Bavaria


“In the year 2009, I made a decision to work for Wenatex, because I found the idea of a secure job in a traditional family business very appealing. During the course of my basic training, I was excellently prepared for all upcoming tasks, and the training was also lots of fun. What I particularly like about the company is the 100% understanding that the branch and group management provides toward its staff. Here in Salzburg there is a predominantly collegial relationship between the staff and the higher management. I also find the continuous training – among others the quality improvement of our consultation talks and the pitch of voice – very important. Talking to customers and potential customers over the phone is fun here in Salzburg. Wenatex shows: Work is not just a job, but a fun and pleasurable experience!”

Martin, 45 years of age, Call Center Agent in Salzburg


“I really like dealing with people. Due to the fact that I had heard lots of positive things about the company, I just wanted to try it out. The training was quite intensive. You’re not just given a telephone and let loose on the public, but taught customer-oriented telephone skills from scratch. You are also always provided assistance and advice at work. You are always given encouragement and you are never alone. And when things don’t seem to work out, I always get support through analysis talks and workplace coaching courses. Something that I really love about this job is the feeling that the work that I do benefits others. I can help them and make them happy. I can only say the following about the company itself: Wenatex is really human and social, you are not just a number. We are all part of a team – from the cleaning staff to the company management. The recognition and appreciation that we are given here, the training, the fun and the understanding – it’s all wonderfully unique! I’ve got two grown children, but the company is always accommodating when members of staff have personal requests or concerns. I’ve been at Wenatex for 3 years now and I’ve learnt a lot, developed both personally and professionally and never once had the feeling: I don’t want to go to work. There’s nothing better than Wenatex in my opinion and I'm really happy to be able to work for this company."

Ingrid, 53 years of age, Call Center Agent in Salzburg


“I’ve been working for Wenatex since 2007. Being able to work independently and deal with other people has always been important to me. Both were possible at Wenatex. The company offers something for everyone – whether you work as an account manager or in the sales department. I still enjoy rising to new challenges and developing skills. I look forward to the many years to come with the Wenatex company.”

Pierre, 44 years of age, Account Manager in Bavaria


“Wenatex was recommended to me by a friend who already worked there as an account manager. I consider myself lucky to be able to work as an account manager for the Wenatex company since March 2011. I find that meeting and dealing with different people each day is a new and positive challenge. Another plus is the fact that I can organise my work plan independently. The volume of work performed is linked to the monthly income, which means: I enjoy doing lots of work, because I earn accordingly. I really feel at one with my job, because not only is it just what I want for my future, it’s also lots of fun. In addition, Wenatex is always there to provide me with support and advice. The company is like a great big family, which is immediately noticeable! All of this points to the fact that Wenatex is an absolutely loyal and successful company that is managed in a warm-hearted manner.”

Relatin, 35 years of age, Account Manager in Lower Saxony


“I feel as if I’m a member of a great big family here at Wenatex. My superiors and colleagues have always got an open ear for me. I’m pretty much a “newbie”, who only began working for Wenatex a few months ago, so that’s a great help. What I really like about my job is meeting lots of different kinds of people, whereby I can apply my newly acquired people skills to cater to their individual needs. Thus, each conversation is different to the next, and some of the conversations are quite amusing. Due to the fact that I have worked as a phone operator in other companies, the honest and candid manner that Wenatex adopts toward both the customers and toward us staff members impresses me again and again.”

Brigitta, 63 years of age, Call Center Agent in Nuremberg


“As a trained physiotherapist, I am aware: Everyone seeks a better quality of life. Where can we learn this better than by observing nature? That’s why over 1,200 customers sought consultation with me to help benefit their healthy sleep last year. The numerous personal recommendations also speak for the quality of the products, thus, also for the related, first-class counselling services. Not only my customers, but also my entire family can reap the benefits of restful sleep, night for night, on our orthopaedic sleep system.”

Holger, 50 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Baden-Württemberg


“I wanted to work for Wenatex because I knew that the company markets an exceptionally good product. I can’t think of anywhere where I could earn more money with my direct marketing skills than at Wenatex. Wenatex has changed a lot of things in my life in the most positive way.”

Josef, 55 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Salzburg


“I have been a member of the telemarketing team in Augsburg since 2010. I enjoy being in contact with lots of different people, which is what aroused my interest for Wenatex. We are a really great team here in Augsburg. Help and training courses are regularly provided and I have learned lots of new and interesting things at Wenatex, many of which I can apply to my private life. I totally enjoy working as a call center agent.”

Markus, 35 years of age, Call Center Agent in Augsburg


“Wenatex to me is the epitome of: A fantastic team, amazing potential earnings, an opportunity to meet new people every day, lots of free time and a remarkable product that speaks for itself. When things are slow and I need a bit of a boost, I can always count on the full support and constructive assistance of Wenatex. What I particularly like is the solid background of the company. I’m fundamentally convinced that everyone is provided an opportunity to climb the career ladder at Wenatex if they really want to. I personally really enjoy the job as a sales representative and I want to continue doing this work as long as I can.”

Günter, 64 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Vorarlberg and Tyrol


“What I particularly like about my job is the fact that I deal with people from all strokes of life. This makes my job exciting, interesting and versatile. My superiors always have time for me and are always able to clearly explain things to me when I want to know something. I always enjoy talking to customers who already have our products and enthusiastically inform me about how their health has considerably improved since they sleep on our products. I think it’s great that I’m able to work in a family business and really feel at home at Wenatex.”

Cornelia, 52 years of age, Call Center Agent in Augsburg


“I first became aware of the Wenatex company when I read an ad in the local newspaper back in 2003. I was open for something new and my husband said he thought that Wenatex would be just the right thing for me. Even during the first on-site talks, I realised: It really is! I really enjoy dealing with a diversity of people on a daily basis and being able to work independently, and I think work that one enjoys doing ultimately leads to success. The commission is always paid on time. Each day presents an exciting new challenge that I have to meet successfully. I have now worked as a sales representative for Wenatex for more than 8 years. By the way, my husband has also worked as a sales representative at Wenatex since 2004, and he’s just as successful as I am. I think that says it all.”

Henriette, 66 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Tyrol and Vorarlberg


"I was impressed by Wenatex after just a few days. There are so many things that I like about this company: The quality of the products and the production in my home country, the potential earnings and the punctual payment of commission, as well as the excellent and competent collaboration that prevails within the entire company.”

Harald, 57 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Lower Austria


“I came to Wenatex by pure coincidence. My husband said to me at that time that I seem to enjoy speaking on the phone so much, that would perhaps be the right job for me. No sooner said than done. Now I have been a member of the team in Heilbronn for over six years and I am really happy that I made this decision. What I particularly appreciate about the Wenatex company is the sense of job security, the comprehensive and thorough job familiarisation, the reliable transfer of salary and the rewarding of special performance and services with additional bonuses. In addition to this, one is also provided with great pointers, for instance through speech, vocal and breathing exercises and through regular courses. The work that I do is very diversified. Each day is interesting and exciting. It’s also a great feeling to be able to do something good to benefit the customer on the other end of the line. And if I really get stumped or am not sure how to handle certain situations, both the head of the team and the branch manager are always there in the background to support me with any kind of help and advice that I might need. In short: I feel completely at home as a member of the Wenatex family business.”

Victoria, 61 years of age, Call Center Agent in Heilbronn


“All of the departments work together in a highly professional and cooperative manner during their day to day operations, and the familiar atmosphere radiated by the Wernicke family is just amazing. These are all very motivating factors. My job as a sleep consultant provides me with a sense of wholehearted satisfaction. I’m given lots of freedom. I haven’t regretted working for this company for a single day. For me, my family and my professional career, Wenatex was the best decision that I could ever possibly make.”

Michael, 63 years of age, Sleep Consultant in North Rhine-Westphalia


“It’s simply a pleasure to work for this company. The fact that each and every employee is given the feeling that they really count in such a large-scale company, that one is not only seen as a machine and that consideration is given to individual problems is something really special. I look forward to working for Wenatex every single day and I hope to keep this job for a long time to come.”

Ingeborg, 61 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Carinthia


“The fact that the Wenatex has been in business for decades gives one an immediate sense of security and reliability. The products are excellent, the commission is paid punctually and the amount of commission is above average. Another great thing is the fact that the regional management can always be reached to discuss problems.”

Christoph, 52 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Bavaria


“I’ve been working on an independent basis for over 20 years now. Full of delight and enthusiasm, I began working for Wenatex in August 2004. Everything that I wished for or could have imagined has come true. It was always an objective of mine to earn well, which I do here. Not only is the income excellent, but it’s also wonderful to be able to work with people, to gain their trust and to help them reach a decision that will considerably benefit their health. I will continue to work as a sales representative in the future and I look forward to many more successful years.”

Uwe, 57 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Vienna, Lower and Upper Austria


“I’ve been with the company since 2004. I quickly learned the ropes and am now successful, most satisfied and very happy indeed. On the whole, Working for Wenatex gives me a feeling that I belong to a large family, and that stimulates my ambition. It’s great to feel accepted by colleagues and superiors alike, and to know that what I have to say is taken seriously, although I’m no longer the youngest of employees.”

Lydia, 70 years of age, Call Center Agent in Heilbronn


“I’m really happy that I decided to apply for a job at Wenatex. I actually felt at home in this job right from day one. Thus, I was also able to gradually increase my sales figures. One of the things that I particularly like about my job is that I get to meet new people all the time, the fact that I can organise my own working hours and that I can work on an independent basis.”

Maximilian, 54 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Styria


“Wenatex has completely changed my life My activity as an independent sales agent has considerably increased my level of income and quality of life. Working on an independent basis has not only helped me to reach certain goals, but also been a great aid toward my personal development. Wenatex = school of life. The important thing for me is that I simply enjoy the work that I do, because that’s the basic premise for continuous success.

Otto, 64 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Styria


“I’ve worked independently since 1985. I’ve seen and experienced a lot since then, but since I started working for Wenatex, about eight years ago, my life has changed in a number of positive ways. In my job as a sleep consultant I get to meet new and different people every day, which presents new challenges and makes my job most pleasurable. I feel as if I’ve achieved something wonderful when I manage to convince people about the benefits of Wenatex products and the importance of healthy sleep during our talks.”

Hans, 59 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Ketsch


“I’ve been working on an independent basis for Wenatex since 2010. The best thing about working as a sleep consultant is that there are no limits: All doors are open with regard to both the earning and the career opportunities. Everyone is given the opportunity to develop their skills and climb the career ladder, as a number of my colleagues have already done. Furthermore, the job also enables me to meet lots of people and I really enjoy receiving direct customer feedback when they confirm their satisfaction in the products that I sell. I can truly say that Wenatex has changed my life for the better.”

Matteo, 35 years of age, Sleep Consultant in the Emilia-Romagna region


“For around 10 years now, I have always felt very comfortable and enjoyed working for Wenatex on an independent basis. The exemplary commitment of the senior director and of the individual managers is quite remarkable – both in business and in private matters. That has always given me a sense of security and trust. I have to thank Wenatex for the invariably constructive and honest collaboration provided during my employment.“

Rudi, 74 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Bavaria


“I’ve now worked for Wenatex for the past four years. The things that I particularly are the many small things that one finds out when one meets other people, the acquired experiences and the vast range of opportunities that are provided to those who recognise them. What I also appreciate about the company is the support that is offered to everyone, the integrity and the reliability of each and every colleague.”

Davide, 34 years of age, Sleep Consultant in the Emilia-Romagna region


“I heard about the company through a friend of mine, who works as a Wenatex sleep consultant. After attending a sleep consultation session, it was clear to me that this is exactly what I want to do. I’m still totally impressed by it all. The potential earnings within the company are outstanding, according to the level of commitment and professional motivation. I consider the fact that I’m a Wenatex sleep consultant as my own personal lucky strike. As a father of two, I am able to combine family and professional goals better than ever before and also have the added advantage of financial security.”

Norbert, 58 years of age, Sleep Consultant in Bavaria


“In the spring of 2009, I found myself searching for a new professional and personal challenge. I stumbled over an ad that was posted by the Wenatex company. The family run business was quickly introduced to me during the course of a personal interview. I was soon able to start working independently as an account manager! I really enjoy meeting lots of new people every day. In May 2010, I was given the opportunity to take over the regional management of several areas in addition to my tasks as an account manager. In my capacity as a regional manager I'm responsible for the support and supervision of several account managers. Before I discovered Wenatex, I would never have imagined being able to achieve so much within such a short period of time! Each and every day I thank my lucky stars that I’m able to work for and with Wenatex!”

Sabine, 50 years of age, Account Manager in North Rhine-Westphalia


“I dropped a cup one morning at the beginning of October 2008. It broke and I was anxious to find out what else the day had in store for me. While reading the newspaper, I noticed a Wenatex ad for an account manager.  Interested in the offer and inspired by the broken cup, I decided to apply for the position. The very next day I received a call and an invitation to a personal interview. I found the interview so pleasant and enjoyable that my mind was quickly made up: This is just the right company for me! I enjoyed the job right from the word go, and I still enjoy the job just as much now. I love to meet new people every day, to surprise them with my visit and to be able to look into their satisfied faces. No day is like any other and it's definitely never boring. Wenatex has done an excellent job regarding the establishment of the corporate philosophy and policies! Chapeau! Furthermore, the Wenatex products are all “more than top-class”! Of course, I have also slept in and on Wenatex products for the past few years, and I honestly never want to sleep in another make of bed again. To put it in a nutshell: I’m convinced by the products and I totally enjoy every single day in which I can perform my job as an account manager. And another incidental plus is the fact that I can even earn money doing so. What more could I wish for? Just one thing perhaps: I hope to be able to work as an account manager for Wenatex for many years to come. My application to Wenatex turned out to be a “great stroke of luck”. Perhaps the famous proverb in the German-speaking world is true “Scherben bringen Glück” or “Broken crockery heralds a lucky break.”

Rolf, 58 years of age, Account Manager in North Rhine-Westphalia


“The decision to work for Wenatex arose from my interest in the profession as a salesperson, the good income potential and the decades of experience gained by the company in its respective business area. Other aspects that I really like about the company are the outstanding product, the reliability of the company and the availability of the products. The independent work fulfils me, not only because of the excellent earning opportunities, but also because I’m able to help lots of people to improve the quality of their sleep and, thus, to reach a higher level of quality of life. This is confirmed by the numerous calls that I receive from my customers, as well as the regular letters of appreciation.”

Rubina, 52 years of age, Sleep Consultant in the Emilia-Romagna region


“I’ve been working for Wenatex as an independent account manager since May 2009 and I’m really glad that I took the step to apply for the position. I was very discontent in the job that I had before and I was always interested in working on an independent basis. It was pure coincidence that I found the job ad offering positions as account managers. At this point in time, my wife and I were already keen customers of Wenatex. And due to the fact that my wife had already started working for Wenatex in March 2009 and came home with a smile on her face every evening, I quit my old job as soon as I could and so that I could also start working for Wenatex. That was the best decision of my career so far and I hope with all my heart that I’m able to work for this great company for many more years to come.”

Bernd, 54 years of age, Account Manager in Hesse


“My son noticed something: “Dad, you always leave the house in a good mood and you still have a good mood when you get back in the evening. Why is that?” Well, I look forward to working for Wenatex every day, because I really enjoy my job. When I arrive home in the evenings, I’m still in the best of spirits after a pleasant day of meeting friendly customers and potential customers. And who can say that about their job today? One just has to experience it for oneself in order to fully realise what Wenatex actually has to offer. I can only say that I have only regretted my decision to work for Wenatex in one regard: I should have done it sooner!"

Klaus, 64 years of age, Account Manager in Baden-Württemberg