Always focused on your goals

How to achieve what you want


Successful people set themselves specific goals and work unwaveringly toward achieving them. Disappointments and unfulfilled expectations can, however, be quite discouraging, which can in turn quickly dampen one’s enthusiasm with regard to reaching set goals. You should remember one thing: Setbacks on the way to reaching one’s goals are perfectly normal. The road to success isn’t always a one-way system. 

One should not be deterred by obstacles when the going gets tough, but continue to tightly hold on to one’s ambitions and goals – determination is what winners are made of. Therefore, instead of scrapping your great plans as soon as problems occur, you should rather pause for a moment to recall those plans that seem to have momentarily receded into the distance.  

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • How important is it still for me to achieve my goals?
  • Which benefit or gains do I have reap if and when I reach my goals?
  • What happens if I don’t reach my goal or goals?
  • How will I feel then?
  • Why have difficulties occurred and how can I overcome them?

On days upon which things aren’t running so well, these questions of reflection are important. By contemplating what you actually want(ed) to achieve, you direct your focus back to your goals, away from disappointments. Always remember: The mountain climber standing victoriously at the summit had to start somewhere, and the climb certainly wasn’t always an easy-going endeavour. In fact it was hard-going and took a great effort for him to make his way to the top. There were probably a number of obstacles that got in his way. However, he didn’t lose heart but persevered and ultimately managed to climb right to the top of the mountain.