Gfk Study proves:

Customers give Wenatex top grades


A new representative survey held by the GfK Market Research Institute in May 2016, in which 1000 Wenatex customers were questioned, produced a clear result: An overwhelming majority declares satisfaction with the Wenatex sleep consultation service, as well as with the products and other services that the company has to offer.

  • 99 percent of those questioned expressed their trust in the Wenatex company and just as many customers felt that they were appreciated by Wenatex.
  • 98 percent were either satisfied of very satisfied with the sleep consultation service.
  • 96 percent were generally satisfied with the sleep consultant.
  • 97 percent are convinced by the quality of Wenatex products.
  • 94 percent would be prepared to recommend Wenatex products to their relatives, friends and acquaintances.


All the results of the GfK study can be viewed at